Sunday, 7 April 2013

Holme - some migration at last

  Yesterday evening the wind finally moved round from the never ending cold easterlies to south-westerlies, and although it was due to be a short lived change it was hoped that there would at least be a change in some of the bird life on the site.

 I started the day (0620-0820hrs) on Hunstanton Cliffs with Chris Mills and although there was a steady trickle of goldfinches, meadow pipits and pied wagtails a hoped for swallow, sand martin did not materialise. The full count will appear on Trektellen a dutch migration website in a few days, take a look at it as it really does give you a good idea whats on the move over most of western Europe.

 Back at Holme it was noticeable some chiffchaffs (4) had arrived, along with a black redstart, there were several blackbirds around, held back migrants waiting for the weather to change in their favour. Brambling, siskin, woodcock, red-breasted mergansers and a female merlin reminded us it still felt like winter! By afternoon the wind had switched back to an easterly, ending any hope of further arrivals during the next few days.

  A change back to south-westerlies and further arrivals is not likely until Friday this week!

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