Thursday, 30 May 2013

Spot the birdie?

 Gary Hibberd, Holme Dunes Warden 

Can you see the sitting bird?

It's that time of year again when ringed plovers are nesting on Norfolk's beaches. At this time of year nests will be trampled underfoot fairly easily, as the incubating bird will often run off ahead of the observer. Their cryptic colouration makes the "Stonerunner" (the Norfolk name for the ringed plover) difficult to see to the untrained eye.  

This familiar species has declined dramatically in Norfolk during the last 20 years so awareness of were these birds are likely to nest will hopefully make visitors to local beaches more knowledgeable of areas to avoid. Many areas along the coast are temporarily fenced at this time of year to protect nesting ringed plovers, oystercatchers and little terns but not all nests can be protected in this way. Please be aware of this and if you find a nest please stay well away from it and the incubating bird will return.

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