Friday, 7 November 2014

Great progress at Methwold wetland creation site

Nick Carter, Conservation Officer (Fens)

Fen Group has just stopped work for the winter on the Methwold site. The fine weather since they started in mid-August has meant they have made good progress excavating the perimeter ditch and bank, completing 700m in 2 and a half months. Work has to cease over the winter as the excavated banks are likely to erode if not covered in vegetation and temperatures will be too cold to establish a grass cover. It is hoped that Fen Group will start again in the spring as long as the winter is not too wet. Over the winter they will be constructing the water control structures that will be incorporated into the build.

Drilling the embankment

In addition to this work, some trees have had to be removed to enable the construction of the perimeter bank and three outlying badger setts had to be fenced off, under licence. The main sett has been unaffected by the works.

Volunteers from Centrica this week
Further tree removal will be carried out over the winter to allow completion of the perimeter ditch and bank next year. Some tree and hedge planting was carried out by a corporate work party from Centrica – more about this in a future blog –  and eventually a screen of bushes will be planted around the edges of the site to maintain the visual landscape features of this area of the Fens.

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