Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hilgay & Methwold Wetland Developments

Nick Carter, Conservation officer (Fens)

I have been letting water into the Hilgay lagoon and have so far reached 1m above sea level, with a further 0.59m to go to maximum capacity. I have to hold this level for one month and check the lagoon banks to ensure they are stable and there are no signs of leaks or erosion. 

On Wednesday Elliott Corke from Hexcam came out to take the next round of aerial photos using his drone and they show the works at Methwold from a new perspective and also how wet the Hilgay site is now that we have been abstracting water into the lagoon and into the perimeter and internal ditch network. 

The eastern end of the site i
s the lowest part and is consequently very wet. The main aims over the next couple of months will be to try to get the lagoon water level up to 1.59m above sea level and to fill the internal ditches. This will enable us to graze the site more easily to keep the vegetation under control.

Looking towards Hilgay
North East Corner

South East corner

Looking North West

Looking South East

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