Friday, 23 January 2015

The Broads National Park

On news that the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads will be known as the Broads National Park following a landmark decision today, Chief Executive of Norfolk Wildlife Trust Brendan Joyce said:

“Norfolk Wildlife Trust is delighted that at last the Broads will get the recognition it deserves. Whilst this will emphasise the importance of the Broads as place to live, work and play, it will also serve to highlight the conservation and wildlife significance of this unique area.  

“This is not a formal legal designation and does not give priority to conservation as happens in other national parks, so the responsibility of the Broads Authority continues to be one of managing conservation, recreation and navigation in equal priority. However, we have long believed – and the scientific evidence supports this – that things are out of balance as far as nature conservation is concerned, as can be seen in poor water quality and insufficient effective management of wildlife habitats. We will continue to work in partnership with the Broads Authority to highlight these issues and secure a better future for wildlife.”

Alderfen Broad, photo by Richard Osbourne

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