Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Reminiscence and the Wild

 Eilish Rothney, Trinity Broads Warden

I recently had the wonderful experience of attending an evening performance at the new NWT Cley Marshes Simon Aspinall Wildlife Education Centre. The theatre group performed “Wanderlust” an assortment of tales and stories gathered from individuals around Norfolk. The evening held me spell bound as I heard tales of illness, tragedy and triumph woven together as a tapestry of life.

A common theme was people’s encounters with wildlife, wild spaces and the rural landscape. Breathing spaces for the soul, we often underestimate how the countryside and all its wonders capture our imagination, lift our spirits and invigorate our health. Research has shown that even looking at a picture of the countryside can help recovery from illness, so, how much more will even a gentle walk through some of NWT’s nature reserves do our health and well-being. So let’s get out there, even if the weather isn’t at its best, we can still make the most of our special places.

Check out the NWT website for information on reserves, guided walks, volunteering and of course other events and performances at the Simon Aspinall Wildlife Education Centre.

Here’s a couple of picks of my favourite places:

Filby Broad by Eilish Rothney
Filby Broad by Dickie Lay

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