Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Natterjack toad at Holme Dunes in December!

    The unseasonably mild weather this last few weeks had raised hopes we might find a very late natterjack toad, most of our searches have been fruitless until this evening. While coming home from work (around 9.30pm) our resident volunteer warden Tom Parkes found a common toad in Holme village, so hopes of finding a late natterjack were possible. Tom walked up to the beach and within a few minutes had found one! After reporting his finding to me I wasn't able to get out until after 10pm, my first search found the animal but while looking at it I realised a photo would be useful.

   Returning with the camera the animal, which had been quite active couldn't be found! Another careful search of the area eventually located it and photographs were taken with the aid of my torch (my flash doesn't work on the camera) in heavy rain. 


   Although about 4-5cm long the animal was quite thin, may be it's reason for re-emerging from hibernation. Our latest sighting was the 18th November 2013, so this is an exceptional increase and another sign of how global warming can effect our wildlife.

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