Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A Skylark's Song: concluding Cley Calling with the North Norfolk Sinfonia

Ellie Howell, Cley Marketing Intern

On Sunday evening, the North Norfolk Sinfonia played a wonderful array of classical music inspired by bird life to conclude Cley Calling at St Margaret’s Church. The evening marked the opening of Cley16, an exhibition of contemporary art organised by the North Norfolk Exhibition Project.

Living in Norfolk means we are inherently tied to its diverse landscape and to its countryside – it is a kind of special natural heritage that is passed to us by the landscape itself. The North Norfolk Sinfonia channelled this feeling throughout their performance. Bassoon player Ian said it was ‘a joy to perform for Norfolk Wildlife Trust’, having been a member for over twenty years He also said that Cley Calling has ‘brought the community together and showcased the work the NWT do at ground level.’

The last piece of music played by the Sinfonia was The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams, featuring the fantastic violin soloist Thomas Leate. Remarkably between movements a skylark could be heard.

It was a poignant end to a week of fantastic events which brought audiences new and old, members and non-members alike. It was a joy to host such a diverse group of people and events, especially since the weather was particularly pleasant throughout. Those who travelled from far and wide were particularly endeared to the Cley Marshes and many wanted to return in the future. Who can blame them?

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