Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Have you thought about volunteering?

Angela Collins, Volunteer Coordinator
You have probably already heard that this week is Volunteers' Week, which is a great opportunity to celebrate the invaluable contribution of volunteers throughout the UK. I am delighted to say that Norfolk Wildlife Trust has the support of an amazing and wonderful team of volunteers. Throughout 2012 over 800 volunteers contributed an incredible 28,500 hours to help us in our work. Supporting us on our nature reserves, at our head office, at our visitor centres, and at various family and school events. In fact volunteers support us, in some way, in almost everything we do, we could not achieve as much as we do without their help. 

We are of course always on the lookout for more and if you are interested in volunteering please have a look at the volunteer vacancies on our website. For some roles a couple of hours a week is all you need to give, and volunteering can be a great way of gaining new experiences, meeting new people, learning about our wildlife and generally helping to make a difference. 

The Broads Wildlife Centre at NWT Ranworth Broad, by Tom Mackie
At the moment we are urgently looking for volunteers to join our existing professional and friendly teams at our Ranworth Broad and HicklingBroad visitor centres. 

I recently spoke to Teresa Stevens a valuable volunteer at our Ranworth Visitor Centre. I asked Teresa what she got from volunteering with us at Ranworth: “Working in a really busy office during the week, Ranworth always provides the ideal location to unwind and enjoy the Broad and all it has to offer. Once in the centre you are greeted by the beautiful Broad filled with all kinds of wildfowl – it is magnificent!

“A day spent at Ranworth means that I can not only watch the wildlife but meet lots of interesting people who otherwise I would never have seen. Nearly every visitor will have something to say to you – a joke here and there, a comment on weather, interesting wildlife facts, stories about places they have visited locally (which in turn has given me a few ideas for future summer days out) and fascinating sights they have seen, home and abroad. You also get to meet fellow volunteers, hear their views and often new friendships are forged.  

"This is my third season here and I have learnt so much about the Broads and its wildlife it is great to share what I have learned with our visitors - l hope that they too will develop a passion for Norfolk and its diverse countryside.”

On behalf of all of us here at Norfolk Wildlife Trust I would like to say a massive thank you to all of our volunteers who do so much for us. We appreciate all of you.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our visitor centres please do get in touch. angelac@norfolkwildlifetrust.org.uk or phone 01603 625540.

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