Sunday, 16 June 2013

Notification for Holme Dunes Track improvements

Work will begin on Monday 17 June to remove some of the speed bumps, and to re-surface the track. The work is expected to last for five days. We would ask all visitors (if possible) to use the golf course car park and walk on to the site via the public footpath. By doing this you will greatly assist the operation. If you do need to use the track please be patient with us as we may be in the process of levelling material.

Visitor Centre phone number for any questions: 01485 525240

1 comment:

  1. I hope that any speed bumps that remain are going to be of a sensible design - unlike the Bumps installed last year. Placing these at an angle across the road, rather than keeping them in line with the road,has meant vehicles and their passengers are ineviteably jolted about in crossing them. This,combined with the steepness of these bumps,has created an unneccesary risk of damage to Vehicles and injury to people - to the extent that regular visitors to holme have stopped visiting the reserve because of them.