Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What would I do without you!

Eilish Rothney, Trinity Broads Warden

I wanted to write about my lovely volunteers. As a lone warden for the NWT nature reserve Trinity Broads I know I could not get a fraction of the work done without them.The team is 30 strong with some coming out at least once a week and others coming to help with specific projects and surveys. 

The Monday group work alongside me to do the bulk of the practical conservation work from scrub clearing to reed bed conservation to hedge planting (and a whole load more). I generally find a generous supply of cakes does the trick for keeping energy levels and morale high even on the wettest of days. 

Then there are those who help with bat surveys, breeding bird surveys, monthly wetland bird counts, checking mink rafts and general wardening. They achieved in the last three months more than 1,000 hours of voluntary conservation work. 

And they do it all with such good humour, enthusiasm and stoicism. I have asked them to do some challenging things, in March we were out washing goose poo off the gravel on the tern nesting platforms; in June and July we pulled vast amounts of the non-native invasive Himalayan balsam. They help with events, aquatic plant surveys and a lot of raking and burning cut reed... in ALL weathers.

In return they enjoy the company, the beautiful wildlife, getting to see secret places, and, of course, Cake. I am grateful for all the hard work including all those who bake and bring cake! THANK YOU! 

Trinity Broads is managed by NWT as part of the Trinity Broads Partnership. The site is owned by Essex and Suffolk Water. 


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