Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Ovington Ramblers: Lolly & Scarning

Maureen Simmons

We found ourselves drawn to this little hidden treasure in Westfield, near Dereham.  Whether this was  because of its unusual name or the feeling that came over us as we wandered through the diverse little habitats, following the numerous animal  pathways.  We were too early fo

r the thousands of cowslips at Lolly Moor but there were plenty of primroses in the wooded area. It was an icy but sunny morning and the frost on the reeds and seed heads looked amazing. As we were about to leave the moor, we found ourselves in a sea of diamonds as the sunlight reflected in the melting frost. An enchanting moment!

A short drive away in Toftwood we found Scarning Fen. This chalk wetland contains some extremely rare plants which have survived from the last Ice Age. With this in mind, we decided not to venture too far on this frosty morning in fear of damaging the plantlife. (A marked walkway would be of great help to visitors and also help protect the site.) We will definitely visit again in June to see the rare red damsel flies as this is the only place in Norfolk where they are found.

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