Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Battle of Ringmere

 Assistant Field Officer Breckland: Paul Waterhouse

Ringmere at East Wretham Heath is thought to have been the site of a great battle between the Saxons and the Danes. This battle took place in 1010 and Ulfcetel, the leader of the East Anglia armies was defending the lands against Thorkell the Tall and Olaf the Stout’s Viking army. 


This winter the Brecks reserve team have had their own battle of Ringmere, although this time not against the Vikings. Over the past month we have made a start clearing scrub from around the perimeter of Ringmere. 

For many years now Ringmere has been enclosed by scrub mostly gorse and broom, but also willow and birch which has had a negative effect on the condition of the mere by adding nutrients and also preventing grazing. Looking back at old photos form before World War 2 Ringmere was once open much like Langmere is today. 

... and after!
We have gathered a small army of our own but this time armed with loppers and bow saws. Our work placement students from Easton College have been working hard on a Monday and also a number of large volunteer groups have been out to help. Most of the heavy work has been done with chainsaws and tractors have been used to remove the scrub from the mere. Although, we still have a way to go but you can see in the pictures the difference just a few weeks and some hard work makes.